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Have you ever wondered why we don’t do what we know we should be doing? Isn’t it true that you have endless information at your fingertips, you’ve probably bought many courses that are still sitting on your shelf or your hard drive – that you haven’t used yet? Isn’t it true that without any more books, cd’s, coaching, consulting or going to seminars – you already know of things if you did them starting today, you would move your business forward. You know the answer is YES! So, why are you not doing it? It’s because of your MINDSET! It’s because of our past programming, our limiting beliefs, behaviors, and destructive habits.

Brainscan studies have PROVEN you can re-wire and strengthen the key areas in your brain that control you conscious AND subconscious… and every decision you make. When the right neurological structures are stimulated in the right way, you can actually change the structure and functioning of your “strategic” thinking and decision making brain.

Starting on  July 2nd, 2012, and running for 3 months,  Dave will deliver this online event exclusively designed to help Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & Network Marketers achieve explosive business growth while creating the personal lives of their dreams. This unique online event will start with a 10 day LIVE mental rehearsal course where Dave shows you step by step how to master this essential skill.

For 10 days – every evening Dave will hold a live webinar where you practice the art and science of mental rehearsal and apply it to you business goals.

Then once a week for 12 weeks you will receive a new webinar with the latest cutting edge ideas, strategies and mindset training to move your business forward. Each webinar comes with a complete with a downloadable PDF worksheet.

Once a week there will also be a live Q & A session along with some conscious and unconscious mind training methodologies and technologies to replace limiting beliefs, behaviors, and habits that are currently keeping you stuck at your current level of performance and results.

Last year participants were universally blown away by the cutting edge mind technology, lessons and insights that they and their teams walked away with to make quantum leaps in their business and the quality of their lives.

As you’ve recently attended a live training, Dave wanted to offer you a special discounted price of £497.00 as his way of saying thank-you. The price is going up significantly the next time he runs this course . So make the smart move by taking action and reserving your place now.

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Here’s What Past Participants Said About Last Year’s Summer Webinars:

“These webinars played a big part in the growth of my business in 2011. Believe me when I say that the value far outweighed the cost of the training. Fantastic content. Fabulous delivery.”

Julie Richards, UK

“Content was exceptional. My business has exploded since doing these webinars.”

Dr Sylvia Chukwuemeka, UK

“Everybody needs to do this course – what I learned in these online trainings is the most valuable information by far.”

Kathy Gervais, UK

“Excellent training and BRILLIANT tools to improve my daily performance and the performance of my team.”

Luann Budeselic,  California

You will learn how the super-successful entrepreneurs think, their productivity practices, and the unique things they do to build successful business. You’ll also learn exactly why they make it look so effortless and why they consistently get the stunning results that they do.

You’ll Also Discover:

Dave with Richard Branson
  • How to double your results within 12 months while working less than you’ve ever worked
  • The 21 most effective productivity tactics that the world’s most successful Entrepreneurs use
  • How to build great teams and attract winning leaders
  • The 6 positive anchoring techniques that will allow you to create the new empowering habits that will put your business on autopilot
  • Cutting edge insights from neuroscience and the emerging fields of brain imaging research and exceptional performance to create explosive energy for you while unleashing your leadership and productive potential
  • 10 ways to train your brain to be a “resilience machine” so you stay inspired, positive and at your best in good as well as difficult times
  • The little known yet incredibly powerful personal habits of leaders like Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Andrew Carnegie, Oprah Winfrey and Thomas Edison for getting things done

Last year’s participants are achieving quantum results – and so can you. You can’t afford to miss this online event.

Take Your Business To The Next Level In 2012!

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Once again, the course consists of:

  • LIVE 10 Day Mental Rehearsal  Mastery Webinars
  • Mind Mastery Weekly Webinars x 12
  • PDF Worksheets for all 12 webinars
  • LIVE Weekly Q&A Calls + Mind Training Techniques
  • LIVE 10 Day Leadership Webinar Training

You will have access to a private members area where you can download the webinars and the PDF worksheet for each of the webinars. You can also download all the guided meditation processes to assist you in reprogramming and rewiring yourself for success. Ideal for iPod or MP3 listeners. You can take it wherever you go, or you can even burn them onto a CD for safekeeping.