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Excellent event, very educational and inspirational. A great eye opener. Really simple to understand and put into practice 

Jagir Singh
Dancer/Trader/Teacher, London, UK

Hi Dave, Becky and I want to thank you for such an awesome day. Your seminar was much different to anything we have ever been to since we actually practiced the exercises during the class which makes it much easier to perform after at home. We are stopping the input and taking massive action on what we learnt yesterday. I want to thank you for assisting up so much on this journey and once we create the (effortless) inflows we will more work with you 

Clint Gray, London, UK

If you want to have a bit of sense of what the masters talk about when they say we are all connected, ‘Feel the Force’ is one of the keys to getting into it 

Particia Formigon, London, UK

I can’t thank you enough for yesterday! It really was an incredible experience and I look forward to continuing to work with you. It is amazing how I feel I have gone from feeling lethargic about certain areas of my world… then yesterday… sleeping on it all…. and now feel a great sense of certainty. IT FEELS GREAT! 

Ali, Bucks, Uk

Incredible day, great value for money and a mind a lot clearer and more focused at the end of it. Thank you very much. May the Force be with you! 

Petra Lander
Interior Designer, London, UK

I have been on the spiritual path for many years and I still found plenty to learn from Dave – and a great energy boost from the participation of the whole room of people. It was great 

Susan Reed
London, UK

Fabulous, Brilliant. Implementing Eckhart Tolle’s ‘Power of Now’ and giving you the tools to transform your life. Watch this space, transformation is taking place as we speak 

Kate Farley, London, UK

This seminar Rocks your foundations, beliefs and way of life! Awesome! 

Peter Lorenz, London, UK

Great seminar. Interesting, informative and helpful 

Seral Mehmel, Romford, UK

“Having the space to write down my short and long term goals and then have Dave mentally lock them in was fantastic.”

Mark Edwards
Training Manager, London, England

“I came away refreshed, buzzing with more energy at the end of the day than when I started and with the know-how to build on the exercises practiced during the session.”

PA, Enfield, Middlesex, England

“This course is amazing and has made a positive change to my life. This really works. – Just do it.”

Ingrid de Souza
Self Employed , Surrey, England

“What a great presenter Dave is! After years of Personal Development and other work Dave O’Connor delivered the ‘Juice’ in a powerful one day – Superb!”

James, Herts, England

“I have joined the Dave O’Connor 1 day seminar twice. I think it is great and I have learnt much more than the first. I advise everybody to take it up.”

Carmela Sabino, London, England

“I had an obstacle to goal achievement that had been with me since childhood. By the end of the day, I found it hard to remember what it had been.”

Di McHanachan, Trainer and Life coach, Hants, England

“The event is phenomenal in what you can do as Dave demonstrates it through the exercises that he shows you. The mind is definitely powerful, especially knowing how to control it and this is what Dave teaches!”

Annaliza So Pacho
Programme Coordination, London, England

“Dave is an extraordinary individual. His concepts are easy to understand and more importantly, extremely applicable to every day of life. Just after the first session, my business exploded. And best of all, it all happened without any hard work or effort on my part. I recommend Dave to anyone that wishes to take their lives to the next level. Believe me, there are many speakers and teachers in the world, but Dave is in a league all by himself.”

John Humphrey
Co-founder, Effortless Living institute, San Diego, CA

Working with Dave is a priceless experience. In just one session he opened me up and connected me to my real purpose in life and brought me to a whole new level of love, joy and peace. For the first time in my life, I felt the truth of who I really am. Within the week of my first session with Dave, I had an immediate raise in my energy and was able to finally start losing weight I had been holding on to for years, effortlessly. I also had the best week of my life in business. Dave’s passion, love and expertise is extraordinary, it is almost beyond words, it is something that you MUST allow yourself to experience, you owe it to yourself to schedule time with him. Dave, Thank you.”

Michelle Humphrey
Co-founder, Effortless Living Institute, San Diego, CA

“It was an amazing day. Each time I come I feel a difference in my life. Dave, you really are getting better and better. I feel in better shape and my romantic life has also really improved. I feel my finances taking a turn for the better!”

Andrew Zirkin
Entrepreneur, London, UK

I have found this to be an illuminating and self empowering workshop. I am looking forward to manifesting my goals.”

Janet Buchanan, London, UK

“I truly felt connected and plugged in! After years of reading and searching externally for information outside of myself something clicked in place and I understood the true essence of how powerful we really are and what we are capable of! I tapped into my power.”

Tony Palmer, London, UK

“A genuine life experience – relaxing into the source and living life from there. Useful real techniques. Writing our life movie and running through the levels of the mind, awe inspiring.”

Rafe Potter
Co-ordinator, UK

“Interesting, amazing, entertaining, motivating, practical, fun, down to earth, supportive, warm, alive, powerful, transforming!”

M C., London, UK

“Hi Dave, just to let you know that you have made me help myself. I know now that miracles on Earth do happen if you believe enough. Results speak for themselves, and my lawyers this morning called me to ask if they could refer another one of their clients to Educo? – because they have seen the tangible difference and practical help the seminars have given me, in such a short time frame. To my mind, there is no better way on the planet than Educo? to give individuals the tools and skills necessary to help themselves. It’s fantastic how you teach people to tune in to life, the rest – they do themselves. Brilliant! There is no money that gives a man such a powerful set of skills if he learns to master them. Ain’t life great?… It’s awesome! A million light years of love!”

Debi Nixon
International Marketing Executive, UK