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Below is an audio recording from Day 3 of the 21 Days of Action Course.

Have you ever wondered why more than 98% of people fail to achieve their goals?

And yet, aren’t we doing what they tell us to do for GOAL SETTING?

So how is it that many people seem to struggle? It’s because of the limiting beliefs that form our limiting mindsets.

Scientists are now able to look inside the human brain through a variety of means such as through FMRI scans. Neuroscientists now say that you can form new neural connections any time you want. A belief is a neural connection – all you have to do is change the existing beliefs and you change the results in your life.

It helps to first identify the limiting beliefs that are sabotaging or diluting the level of success you could be achieving.

And that’s exactly what this audio helps you to do!

An important step in forming your new empowering mindset is to realize what your beliefs are and to question those that may no longer be serving you. Many times, beliefs left unchallenged will continue to limit you!

You can start to uncover your disempowering beliefs by being totally honest with yourself and the fact that in some areas you may just be making excuses! Successful people take responsibility and never make excuses. They commit to learn from every experience, good or bad. If a certain approach fails, they commit to trying a different tactic next time.

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Here is the worksheet for today’s session. Be sure to print the worksheet and have it with you to take notes during the session. Simply right-click (Mac users control-click) the icon or on ‘download’ and select ‘Save target/file/link As…’ to save the file to your computer.

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