Who Else Wants to Achieve Your Goals with Certain Success and Become a True Master of Your Personal Power, Purpose & Potential!


TIME: 10.00AM – 5.30PM

VENUE: Forever Living Product Centre
Unit 3, Titan Business Centre,
Spartan Close
Leamington Spa
CV34 6RR


Finish the Year Strong & Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever!

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A goal is so much more than just an idea in your mind. It’s a profound message of who you are and where you’re going in life. It’s a stepping stone to your ultimate potential. The achievement of a goal is a demonstration of your courage, conviction and commitment. At the higher levels it’s a demonstration of your perseverance, personal power, and purpose .

And yet 98% of people, never achieve their biggest goals. Unfortunately it’s true what they say – most people spend more time planning their holidays than planning their life!

Which is exactly why I’ve put together this event on Goal Achievement. A full day of total immersion designed to take you from goal setting to goal getting using the very latest scientific research into the human mind.

This high level training day is divided into 3 sections.


The first session is about getting absolute clarity on your business and life goals for 2014 and beyond. Many Network Marketers have difficulty clarifying their vision and the stepping stones along the way. You already know the importance of having a strong WHY! You’re WHY demonstrates to the world how badly do you want your goal. Why you want to achieve a goal is so much more important than the actual goal itself!

mindpowerAnd yet, the vast majority of people still struggle to identify the strong personal motivators that will propel them to stratospheric success, taking actions they previously wouldn’t have taken. During this section you’ll learn the necessary techniques to identify your WHY. Techniques that will give you the motivation, commitment, focus, self-discipline, consistency, perseverance, boldness and ability to follow-through with a passionate optimistic attitude.

I’m going to teach you how to access your own internal and very powerful creative mechanism that’s already deep within your unconscious mind. Once you use this mechanism you’ll be amazed how easy it is to see, feel and begin to attract more of  what you truly want into your life.Once you learn how to see it on the screen of your mind – you’ll begin to start seeing it in every aspect of your life.

Contents of Section One:

  • The Goal Achieving Mindset of the most successful leaders in network marketing.
  • Getting clarity on your goals – many people write down what they think they want, not what they actually want!
  • How to set goals properly – most people do this the wrong way!
  • The missing ingredient in most goal setting programs.
  • How to avoid the 5 DEADLY MISTAKES 98% of people make.
  • The principle reason why people fail to achieve their goals despite doing all the ‘right’ things.
  • How to turn your goals into a magnet that will attract the internal and external resources you need to achieve your goals with ease.
  • The 10-step sequence to virtually achieving any goal. Just like how a recipe will fail if you do not follow the sequence, no matter how good the ingredients are, you will fail to realise your goals  if you do not follow this sequence, no matter how great your intentions are.

This is NOT “wishful thinking”. It’s grounded in the very latest scientific research into the human mind . 

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The next session is all about clearing and removing any blocks that could be sabotaging your success. Have you ever felt there was something holding you back from achieving your goals? Do you feel that the goals you’ve set for yourself in your business and life are not happening fast enough? Are there actions you know you should be taking, but you keep procrastinating? Have you ever got to the end of your day and realize that, yet again, you’ve given so little time and energy to your priority intentions. Those intentions that you’ve been promising yourself for so long you’re going to act on.

The reason why we procrastinate and don’t take the actions we know we should be taking is because we are negatively programmed since childhood. We have been deeply patterned in a negative way.

You’re most probably familiar with the Conscious and Unconscious Mind. Recently confirmed by neurological research, the far larger – and far, far more powerful part of our mind – actually resides in the unconscious. This part of you controls up to 95% of all your thoughts, feelings and actions! In this section we will get at the root causes of the underlying self-sabotaging programs and we’ll begin to dissolve them away. We do this by interrupting and scrambling negative patterns and fears such as rejection, change, leadership, embarassment, selling, failure, success. We will recode past programs so they can never carry the same level of negative emotion that can literally weigh us down and prevent us from moving forward.

Contents of Section Two:

  • The latest methodologies to breakthrough the main fears blocking you from taking the consistent daily actions you know you need to take.
  • Rewire your thinking to eliminate self destructive habits and end self-sabotage.
  • How to scramble and interrupt unwanted patterns such as fears of selling, making phone calls, speaking in front of groups and generally stepping outside your comfort zone.
  • How to have greater mastery over your emotions so they empower and support you
  • Learn to reduce your recovery time from setbacks and defeats
  • A proven strategy to let go of your past mistakes once and for all – and how to actually use your past to drive you to an entirely new level of high performance.


How is it that some people can sail through their day with energy and exuberance, and they seem to have an ability to effortlessly handle and breakthrough every challenge that comes their way? How come they are able to achieve so much in their day and in their lives, and more importantly, how come they seem to be able to achieve anything they set their mind to?

After all – happy and successful people also have responsibilities and commitments! And they don’t have a crystal ball that makes their future certain either. So what makes happy and successful people different? It’s not that they are free of the responsibilities and commitments you also have. It’s not that they don’t have things to worry about. And it’s not that they have any more time on their hands. Everyone, and I mean everyone in this world, (and you know this for a fact) has been given the same 24 hours you’ve been given. Happy and successful people have IMPRINTED THEIR GOALS. That’s THE SECRET. Their goals are on Autopilot. It’s about imprinting the end outcome onto the photographic unconscious mind where it will then automatically guide you to the realisation of your goal – no matter how big.

So, Section Three is all about taking your newly clarified goals and imprinting them deeply in the Unconscious Mind so they start to work on automatic pilot and CREATE the business and lifestyle you desire. Here’s where the real magic takes place. And this is probably why many other goal-setting programs have not worked for you! They have not shown you HOW to imprint the outcomes that you want onto the unconscious part of your mind.


Contents of Section Three:

  • How to Imprint Your Goals and have them working on ‘positive autopilot’.
  • Having a vision that allows you to overcome procrastination and take high leveraged consistent action every day.
  • How to access resourceful states such as confidence, enthusiasm, happiness, boldness, personal power and more.
  • Training your brain to lock onto the end results while ignoring circumstances and distractions.
  • Learn to install new empowering beliefs and habits that replace the old outdated mindsets!
  • Secrets to avoid mediocrity with a step by step plan that exponentially increases the odds of your success.
  • Arming yourself with the staying power to push past the finish line of achievement.
  • The final step that unites every single component of goal setting to open the vault of success.

Take Your Business And Life To The Next Level!

Those who achieve success and those who achieve their goals with purpose and happiness, realise that the true power of goals is not just about materialistic gains – these are a nice bonus – they understand that the gains and achievements are a symbol of excellence. They realise that it’s who you grow into as a person. Goals are part of the journey toward the development of your character. And when you realise that goal setting and achievement is a process of internal development and not external gain… all  excuses dissolve into thin air. Why? Because when you start seeing things from this point of view, setting and achieving goals is not about resources, it’s about resourcefulness.
You realize that the challenges, obstacles and problems are there to be overcome and solved.

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Here’s What People Are Saying About Dave’s Trainings:

NatalieHeeleyDave’s training is absolutely amazing. I’ve been working with Dave for 4 years now and I have to say he’s had a profound effect on my business. Lots of my team have also worked with him. My business has increased x 7 times over those 4 years and I’m constantly coming along to the trainings and getting everybody here because it really focuses your mind, it develops your confidence and it just helps you become clearer on the goals you’re looking to achieve. So get your team here – enjoy – and watch your results unfold.

Natalie Heeley, UK


Absolutely fantastic training, I would really encourage you to come on one of these Mindset Mastery trainings because it really gets your mind in the right place to achieve your goals and to get to where you want to go in your life, but more importantly bring your team because it will explode your business. Once you get your mind right everything else works!
Clare Copping, UK


This is the second time I’ve done Dave’s Mindset Mastery workshop and it’s been absolutely brilliant! I’ve done a lot of work previously on mindset, attitude, law of attraction – this training takes everything to a whole new level. I think everyone should be here as they will benefit massively from his teachings!
Jeff Drew, UK

RENEEWhat a masterful training this was! As a leader in the network marketing industry, I watched how Dave interfaced with 60 of my team in a way that was engaging, entertaining and most importantly, result producing. Dave teaches people how to access their inner power in a way that they’ve never learned before. Everybody walked out more resourceful, enthusiastic and with practical tools to grow the business. Don’t miss this event!

Renee Poindexter, Portland, USA

“Working with Dave has had a huge impact on my own personal development & as a consequence, my business increased in growth by 77% during 2011. It was the fastest growing VIP business of the year within Forever. Through the power of his trainings Dave has enabled me to become a better leader, grow in confidence, set stretching goals with the belief that I can achieve all of these & more. For you and your team I would absolutely recommend you attend this event”

Julie Richards, London, UK

“I started working with Dave 3 years ago and I noticed a massive shift not only in my effectiveness but in the effectiveness of many of the leaders who chose to work with him too. I highly recommend his trainings!”

Andy Waring, UK


“What an amazing training – I feel full of energy and totally focused on all my goals for the rest of this year. I’ve also had one-on-one coaching from Dave and since I started working with him I have achieved every single goal that was on my vision board. It’s so amazing to look back and just tick them off one by one! I highly recommend this training, it will change your life”

Julianna Woods, UK

“Dave is incredibly skilled at offering the best information in the world in a clear and powerful way. From day one you can sense that a big shift is taking place inwards and outwards. I highly recommend anyone who is ready to take that next step into a higher level of thinking and living to participate in Dave’s trainings!”

Chara Calderone, New Jersey, USA

“This event was amazing. This is not just one of those workshops where you get this happy feeling at the end of it. During the day you really move on, you get practical techniques that you can use on an ongoing basis. I would highly recommend it, if you get the chance to come, don’t miss out, because your life is going to change”

Dr Sylvia Chukwuemeka, UK


“Since working with Dave my income has tripled and my belief in myself has dramatically increased. If you’re serious about taking your business to a whole new level you should definitely attend Dave’s one day event”

Pat Sawler, Nova Scotia, Canada

“Thank you Dave for a fantastic day’s training with me and the team yesterday. It was an enlightening and empowering day. It really opened my mind to understanding the power within and how I can use that power to move on in my life and in my forever business. I would encourage everybody, no matter what stage of the business you’re at, to come on this training”

Claire Barradell, Derby, UK”

“What an incredible day! What you’ll get out of this day is empowerment. Dave is so approachable, authentic and effective at helping people to get inside their own minds and move past their fears. I can’t wait to pass this on and encourage others to have the same benefit”

Kathy Gervais, UK

“If you are sincerely ready to get serious about your business then Dave’s One Day trainings will give you all the practical techniques you need to succeed. His reprogramming and re-wiring exercises will help keep you and your team on track, in step, focused and moving forward towards your goals and dreams”

Luann Budeselic, Los Angeles, California

“I can’t recommend Dave highly enough. If you really want to put
the magic back in your business, come and join him for this superb one day event,

Alison Woodley, London, UK

“Since attending Dave’s One Day Mindset Mastery event I feel like a completely different person. I have so much more confidence and belief in myself and as a result my business is going from strength to strength. I highly recommend this event for you and your team”

Sarah Matyjasik, Bristol, UK

“Thank for the amazing day we have had today Dave, totally life changing and great to meet you at long last. My team are on fire after today. Thank you”

Helen Tomkinson, UK

“Absolutely fantastic day. The team are absolutely buzzing – we’ve been given some amazing techniques that will move our business forward.Nothing beats seeing Dave live, so if you are offered the chance to go on this day, PLEASE go for it”

Jean Drew, UK

AngelynI’m a Diamond Associate in Univera and we’ve just spent the last 2 days training with Dave O’Connorand it has been absolutely fantastic. My team were on the edge their seats the entire time. Dave is a master at delivering the information in a way that gets results. Through stories and metaphor the message really hits home in a way that people can relate and practically apply in their business. I urge you to get your team here, it will take your business to the next level!

Angelyn Toth, Vancouver, BC



Looking forward to seeing you there!


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