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Dave O’Connor, Network Marketing Mindset Expert

Amazing Training Session For Our Group

WOW! Thank you Dave for the amazing training session you gave our group. You have a real ability to captivate your audience’s attention and raise their self awareness. In the business world today, understanding oneself and knowing how to communicate with people at all levels is a key ingredient to success.

You shared practical things we put into place straight away, empowering everyone to achieve their personal goals. Your group training as well as your online coaching are the real thing and it’s not a surprise you make an impact where ever you go and have such a loyal following. You are a master of what you teach, and have an ability to take people with you.

Diana Page
Sapphire Manager, Forever Living

My Arbonne business is thriving again

I’m an Executive Regional Vice President with Arbonne International and for awhile my business had reached a plateau. I brought in Dave to do a presentation for my team and they absolutely loved it. It completely refocused and reignited everyone. Since then, we have used his trainings both LIVE and ONLINE and it has made the vital difference. My Arbonne business is thriving again.

If you are sincerely ready to get serious about your business; then Dave’s trainings will truly give you all the practical techniques you need to succeed. His reprogramming and re-wiring exercises both LIVE and ONLINE will help you to unleash your power and potential within.

Thank you Dave for keeping me and my team on track, in step, focused and moving forward towards our goals and dreams.

LuAnn Budiselic, California
Executive Regional Vice President, Arbonne International

My business increased by 77% in 2011

Working with Dave has had a huge impact on my own personal development & as a consequence, my business increased in growth by 77% during 2011. It was the fastest growing business of the year within my company.

Through the power of coaching Dave has enabled me to become a better leader, grow in confidence, set stretching goals with the belief that I can achieve all of these & more. He has helped me to dig deep & find the person within. My life has never been better.

Julie Richards
Manager at Forever Living

Best Results Ever in My Business

My Network Marketing business exploded

Dave is an extraordinary individual. His concepts are easy to understand and more importantly, extremely applicable to every day of life. Just after the first session, my business exploded. And best of all, it all happened without any hard work or effort on my part. I recommend Dave to anyone that wishes to take their lives to the next level. Believe me, there are many speakers and teachers in the world, but Dave is in a league all by himself.

John Humphrey
bHIP Global, San Diego, CA