7 Top Mindset Mistakes LP

Are You Making These Mistakes In Your Business?

Recently I was staying in the Hollywood Hills and I decided to create a video on… ‘How To Avoid The Top 7 Mindset Mistakes Network Marketers Make’.¬† My expertise is in the area of mindset mastery. I believe your mindset is responsible for 80% of your success, and strategy is 20%. I’m presuming you know WHAT to do every day to grow your business in terms of strategy – however, having worked with thousands of Network Marketers and Business Owners¬† over the last 10 years, there seems to be a series of mindset mistakes that people are making over and over again. Without correcting these mistakes, your results will remain average… So this is a fun video that I shot literally off the cuff – in the gym, while hiking etc, and even though there’s a lot of background noise in some of the scenes – stick with it as I believe the information is essential to your success.


Also, although this video talks about network marketing, these mistakes apply equally to all entrepreneurs and small business owners equally.


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  1. Are you making these mistakes in your business?

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