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7 Steps to Building Confidence and Self-Belief

DO5381lowAs a mindset expert, top network marketing leaders and CEO’s of companies constantly seek me out to keep their mind sharp and to elevate the performance of their team. The fact is everyone gets stuck along the way and we can get complacent when we’re ahead.  It’s easy to fall back into the negative default patterns and lose sight of the right mindset for success.

I have come to believe that there is NOTHING more important than having confidence and belief in yourself. It’s one thing to have confidence and belief in your product and company, it’s another thing to have complete confidence and unshakeable belief in your SELF – this article will help you do just that. People really do, above all else, buy you! Continue reading “7 Steps to Building Confidence and Self-Belief”

My Arbonne business is thriving again

I’m an Executive Regional Vice President with Arbonne International and for awhile my business had reached a plateau. I brought in Dave to do a presentation for my team and they absolutely loved it. It completely refocused and reignited everyone. Since then, we have used his trainings both LIVE and ONLINE and it has made the vital difference. My Arbonne business is thriving again.

If you are sincerely ready to get serious about your business; then Dave’s trainings will truly give you all the 

Thank you Dave for keeping me and my team on track, in step, focused and moving forward towards our goals and dreams.
practical techniques you need to succeed. His reprogramming and re-wiring exercises both LIVE and ONLINE will help you to unleash your power and potential within.

LuAnn Budiselic, California
Executive Regional Vice President, Arbonne International

Are You Using Your Internal Guidance System?

In this video, Dave O’Connor talks about the importance of intuition in your business. He describes how people tend to have this innate sense of awareness and knowing in their lives, but often ignore it. He also illustrates Continue reading “Are You Using Your Internal Guidance System?”